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Accutane to combat manifestations of acne

The drug Accutane is used to combat severe manifestations of acne, even those with which other tools could not cope. In fact Accutane is a form of vitamin A. Because of its action sebaceous glands begin to produce less sebum, and also speeds up the natural process of skin regeneration. Accutane can cure most advanced cases of acne, but when used can be very serious side effects. So before you start taking the drug Accutane should consult with a dermatologist, and weigh the positive effects and possible negative outcomes from the use of this tool.

Accutane must be applied in strict accordance with the instructions of the doctor. The dose of medication should drink a glass of water if you do not, the medicine may irritate the esophagus. To carry out the drug should be used twice a day, swallowing the tablet whole and liberally washed down with liquid. No need to be afraid if the reception will follow at the beginning of a deterioration of the skin, this is a normal phenomenon possible. But then you have to watch the improvement. To achieve the best results, a course of tablets prescribed by a doctor, you need to complete before the end. There is also the possibility that one treatment is not enough, and then required to continue.

The drug Accutane in any case should not be taken during pregnancy, and should not become pregnant for one month after treatment is finished. If we ignore this rule, the consequences for the unborn child can be very sad.

When receiving the drug or its termination in some patients may appear the symptoms of depression or suicidal thoughts. In this case, immediately seek medical attention.

During the course of treatment with Accutane should not take vitamin A as it may aggravate the adverse drug effects.

During treatment, avoid direct sunlight, since the sensitivity of the skin at this time of increased and there is a risk of serious burns.

Accutane also can affect the degradation of night vision.

If you have started a course of treatment with Accutane, you should finish it to the end, even if you initially noticed deterioration.

Generic Kamagra - a drug that improves erection and prolongs the time.

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A little history of the drug. Kamagra came up with well-known Indian scientist. By creating an analogue of Viagra, he used cheaper ingredients, do not yield to the action of the main components of Viagra. Thus, form a unique product - Kamagra is not conceding the properties of Viagra, and at the same time in a much less expensive. The drug has passed all clinical trials. The drug successfully prove itself and successfully sold in many countries of the world.

Kamagra works by increasing blood flow to the penis. The preparation consists of the active ingredients such as Viagra and Pfizer.

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Each tablet contains Sildenafil - 100 mg. Also characteristic of the drug is its rapid onset of effect, so the men both have to wait long.

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Propecia is an extremely effective tool for the treatment of baldness

Propecia - is a drug, which is second in popularity among men except Viagra. This is an extremely effective tool intended for the treatment of male pattern baldness, the hair loss is androgenic form. Propecia is a unique drug that is approved by the Administration Food and Drug United States.

A few years conducted clinical trials of the drug Propecia. These studies, as well as the fact that millions of men around the world successfully and productively use the pill Propecia, prove that the drug is not only effective against baldness, but also safe for health. The active ingredient of the drug Propecia - finasteride long time stimulates hair growth and hair loss is opposed. This substance has a side effect - its application may adversely affect the sexual function of men, but this effect was only observed in 5% of patients, and with the end of the treatment process, it completely disappeared.

Produced active drug in the form of tablets, each containing 1 mg of active substance - finasteride. Typically, tablets Propecia octagonal coated pale brown. However, in principle they can have a slightly different design, as produced by various plants in different countries.

Use of a preparation Propecia gives excellent results, and hair growth is reduced as the crown, and in the bald patches on the forehead, which are usually treated only with difficulty. Although different patients when using this preparation obtained different results, but still more than 60% of men instead of lost hair has grown a large number of new, in the remaining scalp recovered fully, or even increased compared with normal levels. And instead fallen grow perfectly normal healthy hair, not some fluff. In the most severe cases, as alopecia patients applying Propecia, retain at least the amount of hair that had them at the beginning of treatment. In any case, balding man who uses the drug Propecia, has a good chance to regain a thick head of hair.