I am currently a astrophysics research fellow at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. My research interests have included a broad range of topics in the field of gamma-ray burst and time domain astronomy. My thesis work at Rice University focused mostly on interpreting the temporal and spectral properties of prompt emission from GRBs, but my research has since broadened to include multi-wavelength observations of their late-time afterglow emission and host galaxies. My most recent work involves studying the high-energy components of GRB spectra using the Large Area Telescope onboard NASA’s Fermi spacecraft.

I am also the creator of the popular Astro-grb and CLMaps.com websites and am the author of several popular iOS applications. I’d like to also think that I’m a somewhat good photographer.

Feel free to checked me out Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn. You can also find some additional contact information below.

Contact Information

Daniel Kocevski
1337 Meridian Pl NW
Washington D.C.

daniel.kocevski -at- nasa.gov
tel: 510.316.3208
fax: 650.926.8570